Tuesday, January 21, 2014

2015 Honda Fit To Offer Top-Shelf Technologies

It’s hard to believe that the Honda Fit has been around since 2009, but time tends to fly when you’re having this much fun with an automobile. Based on what we’ve seen from the North American International Auto Show in Detroit earlier this month, the Fit is actually about to get even more fun and more practical as it integrates loads of new technology in the completely-redesigned 2015 model year version of the vehicle.

Yes, the 2015 Honda Fit will receive its first-ever major upgrade, but that update comes with a lot of really neat technological additions that, thankfully, keep the cost of one of Honda automaker's most affordable model plenty reasonable for more budget-conscious customers.

Here’s a few of the more notable tech updates (all of these apply to the midrange EX trim):
  • A 7-inch capacitive touchscreen display – This is a larger touchscreen than you think, and it looks absolutely huge in a compact hatch like this. 
  • Blind-spot camera – Whenever a driver hits the right turn signal, a small camera sends images to your screen so you can get a better sense of everything that’s around you.
  • Affordable HondaLink navigation – By opting for the minimal HondaLink upgrade, iPhone users can tether their navigation systems to their display screen, saving them big bucks if they want a navigation system but don’t want to pay for one. 
For San Diego Honda dealerships like Pacific Honda, these upgrades are very exciting, as they bring what has typically been pricey technology into Fit vehicles that are at the bottom of the Honda price range. In other words, you can spend a little and get a lot. Who doesn’t like that proposition?

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