Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Honda Civic Named Among Best Cars for Young Drivers

There are sort of two philosophies that parents have when deciding on what car to buy for their teenage children. One school of thought is that it’s best to buy them something really cheap since they’ll either wreck it or fail to take care of it properly anyway, but we here at Pacific Honda think that sells these kids short. For that reason, we prefer the other school of thought, which believes a high-quality car is one worth taking care of, and with newer safety features they’ll be better protected if they do, heaven forbid, ever crash the thing.

Buying a great car for a young person is about more than just safety features, though, as Kiplinger recently pointed out when they assembled a list of the 10 Best Cars for Young Drivers. According to their criteria, safety ratings did matter, but so did strong consumer ratings for reliability in used cars and technologies that were both desirable to the young drivers and helpful in reducing distractions while driving.

Putting all that on the board, it should come as no surprise that the 2014 Honda Civic was on the list. Fuel efficiency wasn’t mentioned as a criteria, but for “poor” high school and college students, every penny saved is important. The Honda Civic, even used and certified pre-owned versions, is one of the most reliable and popular cars that Honda has ever produced, and while we wouldn’t limit its appeal to young drivers, we can certainly see why they’d have a wonderful time driving our stylish little compact sedan.

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