Friday, July 25, 2014

Honda Financial Services Offers $500 Discount for College Grads

While college graduation parties aren’t typically quite as lavish and overwhelming as high school graduation parties as far as gifts are concerned, Honda Financial Services is interested in giving recent college grads a big, fat $500 gift. Really, it’s more of a congrats-on-graduating-and-getting-your-first-job gift, but a gift all the same.

Specifically, the Honda Financial Services College Grad Program will knock $500 off any new Honda vehicle purchased by a recent (or soon-to-be) college grad that has either found a first job or has a firm commitment from an employer for one. That’s one of the boons of getting out of school and establishing a little financial independence--you no longer have to borrow your parents’ van to get around. Instead, you can buy yourself a 2014 Honda Fit or 2014 Honda Accord, to be used for daily commutes and whatever else your heart desires.

Plenty of people buy themselves new cars fresh out of college, but we’re offering a solid discount on some of the most popular and well-reviewed automobiles in the industry. On top of being a college graduate in the past two years (or the next six months) and having a job lined up, all you have to do is bring a 5% down payment and a clean credit history to get the $500 discount.

We here at Pacific Honda hope that if you were considering buying a new vehicle anyway, you’d at least test-drive a few Honda models. They’re great for young people, cost-efficient and technologically advanced. Add in the discount, and it’s hard to go wrong with making a Honda car or SUV your first adult vehicle purchase.

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