Monday, July 14, 2014

Honda Vehicles To Feature Android Auto OS

 These days, nearly everybody has access to a smart device, whether it be an Apple iPhone or one of several different Android devices, which run an operating system developed by Google. Debating which of the two is better is a long-standing debate that has no easy answer, and now it appears as though the conversation will spill into the auto world, as both Apple and Google are developing versions of their mobile operating systems for cars’ infotainment systems.

Google actually debuted their Android Auto OS late last month, and we here at Pacific Honda are very excited to see how the system ends up integrating into our vehicles’ infotainment systems. To use Android Auto, drivers need only connect their smartphones to their car via Bluetooth, then start interacting with a whole host of voice-activated apps.

Obviously, this will include things like Google Maps and Google Play Music, but there will also be voice-activated outgoing text messaging and self-reading incoming texts, as well as several other apps that are sure to have voice-activated versions that will seriously cut down on driver distraction.

In fact, those “other apps” are the beauty of Android over Apple, as Google allows pretty much anybody to develop an app, and if it’s good the general public can gobble it right up. Apple, meanwhile, is much more ridged about their apps, but that’s an argument for another day.

Right now, however, your friendly neighborhood Honda dealership is looking forward to seeing an exciting new OS for our vehicles’ infotainment systems. Who better to innovate technology than Google?


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