Sunday, July 20, 2014

Used Honda Models Top IIHS List of Safe Cars for Teens

Few things are scarier for parents than having their kids get behind the wheel of a car, but the good news is that according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, there are some vehicles that are much safer for those teens to drive than others. We here at Pacific Honda were very pleased to see that some of the best of them were Honda vehicles.

Specifically, the used Honda Accord, Honda CR-V, Honda Element, Honda Odyssey and Honda Pilot models were rated as some of the best pre-owned and affordable certified pre-owned vehicles in the industry.

The IIHS, for those who don’t know, is an organization that puts vehicles through a series of challenging crash tests to discover whether or not they’re up to snuff for consumers looking for vehicles with top-notch safety features. Honda has always developed vehicles that have boasted strong safety scores, but our used models offer that with a much lower price tag than a brand new vehicle, which, once again, is great for young drivers.

All this said, the Accord, CR-V, Element, Odyssey and Pilot all appear on the IIHS’s list of safer choices for teen drivers, and in our experience these vehicles all are great not only for teens, but those kids’ parents, as well. Safety is something that is important for the whole family, particularly in the unlikely event an accident. We want our customers to be as safe as possible, and the IIHS seems to believe that these are safe, affordable vehicles to help make that possible, especially when our teens are driving.

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