Monday, May 20, 2013

2013 Honda Odyssey Named Among Most Tech-Friendly Vehicles

It used to be that when a family piled into a van for a long trip to, say, the Grand Canyon, Mom and Dad had to come up with a million different ways for the kids to stay busy during the eight-hour drive. How many of us sat in the back of a minivan as children playing “I Spy” for hours on end thinking to ourselves, “Man, I wish they would figure out a way to put televisions in cars.”

Well, we’ve come a long way from those days. TVs have been in minivans for a really long time, but the 2013 Honda Odyssey has taken that in-vehicle entertainment to a whole new level. In fact, the new technology in the Odyssey is so advanced that it was named to Edmunds’ list of Top 10 Tech-Friendly Cars.

The reason Edmunds named the Odyssey their “Best Road Tripper” is pretty simple: it’s the only minivan that features an HDMI port in the onboard video system, so if DVDs aren’t good enough for your kids, you can hook up a Blu-Ray player or other media-streaming device through the HDMI input to be played on the 16.2-inch screen.

There’s also a two-prong 115-volt plug to keep these devices charged, as well as a split-screen option that allows viewers to divide the screen between the external device and the on-board DVD player in the Odyssey.

 It’s all very cool, and all things that Linda Vista Certified Honda dealers are very excited about being able to offer. We appreciate Edmunds giving the Odyssey recognition for being so entertainment savvy. It’s certainly more than enough to keep the kids busy en route to the Grand Canyon, isn’t it?

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