Saturday, September 7, 2013

2013 Honda Civic Gifted to One of Nation's Oldest Drivers

Everybody remembers the best gift they ever received, whether it was a bicycle for Christmas or a piece of jewelry for an anniversary or a car for a sixteenth birthday. Of course, cars aren’t just great gifts for sixteen-year-olds; they can also be pretty memorable when you’re 105, as well.

That’s not a typo. 105-year-old California resident Edythe Kirchmaier was recently given a 2013 Honda Civic from an anonymous donor when her own beat-up minivan hit the skids.

Why would someone do such a thing for a complete stranger? Well, for starters, California’s oldest driver is an excellent human being. She volunteers for an organization called Direct Relief, which gives free medicines to people who can’t afford them. She needed her minivan to be as active a participant in that charity as she wanted to be, and when it broke down she must have fallen into a panic about how she’d manage without transportation.

Kirchmaier learned how to drive on one of the earliest model vehicles ever created, and in almost eighty years she’s never had an accident, a moving violation, or even a parking ticket. She’s even the oldest person with a verified Facebook account, which makes her even cooler (if such a thing were possible).

Of course, from our perspective, we love that gifted vehicle was a 2013 Honda Civic. Linda Vista citizens would love to receive a similar present, no matter the age, and without question it would be the kind of thing that no person would ever forget.


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  2. Honda Civic is used to be my all time favorite car. I have drove almost every of its model. Last month I got myself a 2021 model and I just loving it. My father still have this 2013 model and he is enjoying that car too.

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