Saturday, September 21, 2013

2014 Honda Fit Debuts in Japan; U.S. Next

Our readers with children know that Christmas time can be very challenging for kiddos that have no idea about the concept of patience. They know toys are coming, and they’re excited about those toys, but waiting for their arrival is one of the most painful things they’ll do over the course of their year. And we, the wise adults, roll our eyes and think to ourselves, “You guys will get your Pokemon cards and Polly Pockets in due time. Just be patient.”

But that’s a hard thing for us to say when we adults also don’t like waiting for some things: the start of fantasy football season, the series finale of “Breaking Bad,” and the U.S. release of the 2014 Honda Fit, just to name a few.

What makes that last one even harder is the fact that the all-new, completely redesigned Fit actually launched in its native Japan earlier this month. Obviously, there will be some changes between the one we’ve seen launch overseas and the one that eventually will launch here, but we do know that the new vehicle will feature new design language (which we love) and some efficient engine options that will include an ultra-efficient hybrid offering.

It will also be the first Fit to be built in North America, but that won’t happen until early 2014, which means, unfortunately, we have to wait for the privilege to purchase this vehicle. It’s hard to hang in there, we know, but just keep telling yourself what you’d tell your kids at Christmas time: “Just be patient.” In due time, you’ll get your 2014 Honda Fit, Lemon Grove drivers. Everything comes in due time.

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