Sunday, October 27, 2013

2014 Honda Odyssey, CR-V Named to Edmunds' "Best" List

It’s not exactly a secret that Honda vehicles are among the best-selling automobiles in the country, so to see some of them end up on an Edmunds “Best Of” list isn’t necessarily surprising. Still, to have to Honda vehicles featured prominently on a list titled, “17 Best Cars You Can Buy,” is pretty humbling. The 2014 Honda Odyssey and 2013 Honda CR-V should both be so proud of themselves for making the cut!

The list was basically put together with the idea that a person with unlimited funds could purchase one car from each major classification. If they bought the very best of each, regardless of price, these are the vehicles they’d choose, and the Odyssey won best minivan, while the CR-V won best five-passenger SUV.

Here in the area surrounding San Diego, the Honda CR-V redesign for 2013 has been very well-received, mostly because this best-selling SUV offers a comfortable and spacious interior, a smooth drive, high safety scores, and lots of options in terms of features and engines.

The Odyssey, meanwhile, is given props for its cabin quality, powerful engines, extensive features, easy handling, and reliability. The built-in HondaVac vacuum cleaner also has been a pretty neat addition to the Odyssey, and several of our customers have commented on how handy that really is.

These vehicles truly are excellent, and certainly deserving of this particular list, but we’re honored all the same. If money were no object, the CR-V and Odyssey are still the cars to get. Luckily for our customers, neither one is anywhere near unreasonably priced, especially compared to some of the Italian sports cars on Edmunds’ list!

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